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Public Security

By utilizing state-of-the-art face recognition algorithms, we are able to automatically detect multiple faces and collate a possible “watch list” via numerous Network IP cameras, comparing the captured face images with images in a database containing previously stored profiles and face templates. Once a match is found, the system immediately alerts the operators. Human error is eliminated and the identification, recognition and altering process is greatly streamlined. This system is ideal for clients looking to identify known threats in public areas, or identify specific targets.


  • Walkthrough recognition
  • Real time recognition
  • Simultaneous matching up of up to 10 persons
  • Interactive batch enrolment
  • Batch enrolment up to 1million records
  • Real time alert notification and recording
  • Remote management
  • IP-Camera support
  • Mobile phone alarm system
  • Indoor and outdoor face recognition
  • Online alert system and advanced archiving


Public Security Application

This is intended for video surveillance in crowded places. Its function is to retrieve each facial image caught by the video camera from a biometric database. With a high degree of accuracy, the system recognizes the wanted individual when he passes through the area covered by the monitoring system. Such systems can be installed in transportation hubs, subways, on the streets, squares and stadiums. The system will automatically give notification of the identified persons’ location to the authorized officers.

  • Public Surveillance: Detects suspicious/ wanted people in real time.
    • City Surveillance
    • Border Safety
    • Airport
    • Stadium Security
  • Private Surveillance: Verifies the identity of specific people.
    • Shopping Centres
    • Hospitals
    • Schools
    • Companies
  • VIP Customer Detection: Finds VIP Customers in early stages.